Banister Marine have cared for and repaired and modified my 30 year old cruise craft reef ranger over many years. We regularly fish every wide in this small boat and on occasions have battled home in mountainous seas off Newcastle. I am always confident in the integrity of my boat knowing Kane Banister (a qualified shipwright) prepares and maintains this boat. Both Kane and Graham are uncompromising with safety and quality.

Mark Bunting 0412775503

You’ll be interested in the reduction in lateral movement (across the beam) between the chain plates of 4mm down from the 20mm (before work was done).
On full load the fore stay was 100mm short, effectively a measure of the reduction of vertical & longitudinal compression that has been taken out of the boat.

Sailed first race on Saturday. Albeit a light 6 knot South Easterly breeze. Boat not highly stressed in these conditions. (neither were the crew & that’s not a bad way to start a new season).

All good news:

1. Rig tension up to correct loads. This is 3rd time rigged & the hull stiffness has required the resetting of side stays confirming mast step compression has been greatly reduced. Hull stiffer now.

2. New carbon mid deck section & kick outs were great success to sail with. Also non slip finish just right.
3. All new anchor pads for deck fittings took 3/16” bolt firmly & did the job well.
4. Rudder assembly alignment , good. Thanks Grahame.
5. Rear hull & tripod detail, good. Much reduced turbulence noticeable in the wake close to the boat.
6. Other crews comments on the boat workmanship & ideas were complementary, so we spread the word about your business & positive application to the changes made, thanks.

We finished 3rd on the day……….should be able to improve on that.

Looking forward to our first BIG Breeze ( > 20 knots) to get a real feel for the difference…..& put her to the test..!

Gave the “Ol’ Yella” a real work out in 18 knots – 20 knots of breeze on the Hawkesbury River, Brooklyn last weekend in Flood tide choppy conditions. Best breeze we’ve had this season.

After a string of 4th places this season we got onto the podium with 2 second places & tied on O/A points for the Hawkesbury River Cup, coming second on a count back.

All your good work on the boat is coming through, she feels terrific to sail in strong breeze conditions & we’re becoming pretty competitive.

National Champs, 3rd overall was a little above expectation, I would have come home happy with a result of 5th.

Your work & time to get right result has gone along way to putting us back in the top 5.

Much appreciated,

Col Gillespie